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Our law office has widespread experience in the following areas:

Company law

  • Our assignments have included a variety of domestic and foreign cases of establishment of companies and fulfilling the legal administration of the issues of all kinds of business associations and other entities, foundations.
  • Establishment of companies
  • Company transformations
  • Acquisition of companies, acquisition of company shares
  • Preparation of company law-related decisions occurring in lives of companies
  • Full range administration at the Court of Registration
  • Matters relating to liquidation, winding up, insolvency
  • We have experience in the preparation of the records and other documentation of company events (members' meeting, general meeting, meeting of the board of directors, supervisory committee meeting).
  • Concerning acquisitions, our Law Office is prepared for the due diligence (full legal screening) of the targeted company, including its screening from the aspect of company law, labour law, and the screening of its credit lot and full range of contracts.
  • During the establishment of companies our Law Office contributes to the preparation of owners' resolutions and fully participates in the reporting activities to the Court of Registration and other authorities.

Real estate law

Our office have multi-annual experience in the area of real estate law,  which includes legal advisory activities in relation to real estate purchase, construction of real estates, real estate development and management to both individuals and companies.

We are able to provide the following services to our partners in case of a purchase or sales of any flats, houses or other qualified real estate (building site, resort, garage, land, etc.) during the purchase contracting:

  • Examination of the status of the property / obtaining title deeds
  • Examination of consequence of the purchase in terms of taxes and other fees 
  • Preparation or assessment of documentation concerning purchase / rent / operation
  • Providing lawyer's deposit service in relation to the purchase
  • Providing full administration and legal representation before the Land Administration
  • Support of the administrative re-contracting process of public utilities
  • Preparation and countersignature of donation contracts
  • Preparation, countersignature and adjustment of founding regulation of buildings
  • Other administrative tasks in relation to building management, especially mortgage registration procedures for owed common costs
  • Preparation of contracts concerning intangible assets related to real estates (right of first refusal, right of purchase, mortgage right, establishment of estate, etc.)
  • Administration of matters concerning safeguard of property and check-out from addresses

In addition, we deal with the preparation of lease contracts and elaboration of operation regulations necessary for the lease of condominiums, office buildings, and business premises.

Energy law

Thanks to the cooperation with one of Hungary's biggest law firm dealing with energy law, activities of our law office cover the following areas of the energy law:

  • Preparation of contracts with energy matters
  • Consultancy concerning line permit procedures
  • Complete management of authorisation procedures
  • Consultancy concerning purchase and trade of electricity and natural gas
  • Consultancy concerning contracts on electricity and natural gas delivery
  • Preparation of business codes of conduct
  • Consultancy concerning renewable energy resources
  • Representation before public authorities, contentious and non-contentious legal representation, representation of consumers

Civil law